Friday, October 03, 2008

Veeranpuzha losses its banks

In 2008 March 10, my first daughter was born. She was named Maria. To celebrate the joyous occasion, many of my friends compelled me to give them a party. Finally, when the busy days passed, I decided to party. Spend a nice evening with them in a place where they all wanted to be. We gathered in the banks of Veeranpuzha again. It was in just the Sunday to Easter. Last week of March.

Veeranpuzha Party
Veeranpuzha river-side party. Simple and sweet
The river remained as same as it was. But the banks were telling a different story. Some changes somewhere. Some culverts were ruined or terminated. We could not reach in our favorite part of Veeranpuzha due to the culvert was spoiled. Later somebody told us that some big business magnets in the city have bought some land including that spot - our spot. We realized that, we are losing the river. We may lose it forever... The river and her banks may lose its virginity.

We celebrated that day anyway. And we returned from there as if it were a farewell party in School or College. May be we would not be able to come back in full freedom as a native.


menonv said...

I really like your veeranpuzha blog as well as nayaramabalam blog. Because my nostalgia is reloaded by these blogs.

In my childhood i had visited number of times with my friends on the banks of Veeranpuzha. Mostly we are visiting there at the time of Onam festival.

keep the spirit for making these nostalgic feelings.

Best wishes


hackingtom said...

Thank you Rajesh. Nowadays we don't get enough time to do our favorite things. As you said, you visited Veeranpuzha a number of times in your childhood. So did I. At Veeranpuzha, what we celebrated there, was our spirit of youth. But now we do not get time to go there, because of the hectic schedule of life. Anyhow, I visited there last month, when the Fiesta of St. Augustine celebrated at St. Augustine's Church Nedungad. My little daughter was also with me. She was amazed when seeing the splendid sight of the river and the paddy fields. A herd of goats also where there, grazing in the meadows. She was really excited seeing such pleasant visuals of mother nature. So whenever you get time, just drop in there again to unplug from the damn hectic schedules of present day life.

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