Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Veeranpuzha - a window opened toward happiness

It’s a window opened toward happiness. That’s why I always wanted to share my lovely moments here.
When you inspired to dance with the lullabies of paddy fields, you start to realize the truth. Truly you want to share your joy to toast a ‘cheers’ with you. Slowly, very slowly, you fall in love with the nature. With the fresh air, the wind, the water, the greenish paddy fields, the waves, the sand… your body and soul merge in advaitha state. You feel that the distinction with your body and soul disappears… A real Nirvana.
Its Veeranpuzha. The nostalgic place located in my greenest softest part of my heart. So close to my soul, so close to my evergreen dreams.
Veeranpuzha of ultimate happiness

It is the northern extension of Vembanad Lake. From Kochi Azhi to Munambam Azhi, the serene backwaters popularly known in this name – Veeranpuzha. In early 80’s there were regular ferry services from Munambam to Ernakulam. Though it stretches from Ernakulam to Munambam, Veeranpuzha’s Nayarmbalam sector is the most scintillating landscape. You can never forget the sight in your lifetime. The most attracting factor is that it is almost isolated and possibly you can see very few people here. So your privacy is guaranteed. It’s because, this area is covered with paddy fields. Nearest human habitats are a little far away. The reason is, the water you will get from here is salty, hardly drinkable.

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